MT4 SmartTrader Tools

Smart Trader Tools

The Smart Trader Tools Package allows the Vantage FX MT4 platform to rival even the most advanced institutional trading platforms on the market.   This further levels the playing field between retail traders and the world of institutional trading, participated in by the banks. 

Vantage FX prides itself on execution speed and our fully transparent STP/ECN trading  model and with the SmartTrader Tools Package we have now taken our MT4 Platform to the next level.  Rediscover the MetaTrader 4 Platform by deploying the most comprehensive upgrade to your MT4 experience today and take your trading further with Vantage FX.

Alarm Manager

Go beyond just receiving alerts. This unique and powerful trade notification tool will not only alert you of activities – it can automatically trade for you.

Set the alarms, apply your rules and triggers, and the alarm manager will do the rest!

•      6 types of alarms
•      Automatically trigger market or pending orders, close some or all trades!
•      Alerts via SMS, email, pop-up, sound, or even broadcast on Twitter!

Download >> Alarm Manager User Guide

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Correlation Matrix

An easy-to-use matrix grid for all your symbols. See at a glance correlation scores and the strength of these patterns. No need for separate spreadsheet tools!

•      Select correlation time period ranging from 1 hour to 1 week
•      Choose different correlation displays, range and sizing
•      Pick your symbols and products from the Forex, Commodities and Indices market

Download >>Correlation Matrix User Guide

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Correlation Trader

Want to see correlation patterns over time and need something more than just the quick scores? The Correlation Trader allows you to easily compare market charts and directly trade from the tool.

•      Select your markets and timescales to compare with key figures such as net profits for each symbol
•      Open and close orders, place S/L and T/P in both hedging/non-hedging mode directly from the charts

Download >>Correlation Trader User Guide

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Excel RTD Link

MS Excel fans can now compare, analyse and create rules in real-time across multiple accounts using their favourite spreadsheets.

•      Put real-time account, ticket, and price data into Excel using only Excel’s built-in RTD function.
•      No macros, no programming, no XLL add-in
•      Send trading commands from VBA code in Excel (or from any COM supporting language)

Download >> Excel RTD Link User Guide
Download >> Excel RTD Example Spreadsheet

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Market Manager

Ever wanted to edit the market watch panel in MT4? Well, now you can completely customise it with full control over symbol watch-lists and order activity all from one convenient window.

•      Name and save preferred symbols in convenient groups in order preference
•      View graphic market overviews for each symbol covering the last 5 days, 24 hours and 60 minutes
•      Trade directly from the market manager!

Download >> Market Manager User Guide

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Mini Terminal

For active traders who require speed when entering and exiting positions in the market.  Allows the added flexibility of trading complex order types with a single click.

•      Allows for orders to be placed directly from the chart
•      Trade with multiple order types including OCO orders
•      Sophisticated traders can multitask multiple positions from a single MT4 frame

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Sentiment Trader

See the general trading sentiment moods and directions of all your symbols quickly right in your MT4.

•      Shows current sentiment, historic sentiment plotted against price, and also any open positions in the selected symbol
•      Configurable views of market and historic sentiment
•      Open and close orders, place S/L and T/P in both hedging/non hedging mode directly within the tool

Download >> Sentiment Trader User Guide

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Session Map

The Session Map gives the trader a visual market overview through the world’s key markets and time-zones.

•      Displays world’s main markets with a time-line reflecting trader’s local time
•      Markers for future calendar events impact colour-coded
•      Price movements information for each completed or current market session
•      Account information including floating P/L and margin usage

Download >> Session Map User Guide

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Trade Terminal

This advanced trade execution and analysis tool allows for quick, precision trading. A one-click trade manager with a plethora of built-in functions.

Trade professionally, quickly and never miss that trade opportunity again!

•      Quick opening of market, pending and OCO orders
•      Close trades on an individual, selected, or all-trades basis
•      Create templates for frequently-used or complex order preferences
•      Quick modification of S/L, T/P and trailing stops
•      Trade & risk calculators and analysis functions
•      Alarms with triggered actions

Download >> Trade Terminal User Guide

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How do I access the Vantage FX SmartTrader Tools?

The SmartTrader Tools package is FREE to all traders who open a Vantage FX live account and deposit a minimum of $1,000.

•      Step 1: Create your Vantage FX Trading Account
Open Live Account  (Existing clients skip this step)

•      Step 2: Make your deposit of $1,000 or more
Use any of our flexible deposit methods.

•      Step 3: Complete the opt-in form here to receive your SmartTrader tools package.
Complete the opt-in form here.

If you are an existing client with a funded account and would like to trade using the SmartTrader Tools Package, email
[email protected].

Please ensure you have read the full terms & conditions of this promotion,available here.

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