Trade Indices Australia: SPI200, FTSE100, DAX30

Indices Trading

Gain instant access to the world's most liquid Stock Exchange indices via the Vantage FX Indices trading model. Linked to our oneZero™ MT4 Bridge, Vantage FX provides the fastest execution speed due to our unparalleled access to the deepest liquidity available. Further enhancing transparency, the price of all Vantage FX Indices are based on an underlying price in the corresponding stock market.

Access the 10 most liquid world Stock Exchange Indices

Vantage FX provides forex traders access to the most liquid market Indices. Experience a true institutional level of trading through our transparent pricing model.

World Stock Exchange Indices

Via the Vantage FX Fibre Optic Network, we guarantee the fastest FX execution speed

In order to gain an edge in the indices market, stock market Indices traders need the fastest execution speed available. The Vantage FX fibre optic network, with our oneZero™ MT4 Bridge provides Indices traders with the best trading solution.

Leverage on Indices Trading

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All Stock Indices are available to trade through the powerful Vantage FX MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform

Vantage FX allows you to trade stock market Indices on MT4, the world's most popular trading platform. All trading styles are welcome, including scalping, hedging, swing trading and the use of any Expert Advisor (EA) that suits your trading style.

Ways to access MT4

Hedge your currency trading risk by taking an Indices position

Whatever your market of choice, the correlation between FX markets and stock indices is powerful. Enhance your trading capabilities and improve your trading success rate by gaining exposure to these markets.

Leverage on Forex Trading

Contract Platform Symbol Type Volume Value/per tick E.g for tick value per tick Max. Leverage Min. volume Max. volume

SPI200 CFD 1 AUD$1 6231 - > 6232 200:1 1 500

FTSE 100
FTSE100 CFD 1 GBP1 4652 - >4653 200:1 1 500

DAX30 CFD 1 EUR1 5217 - > 5218 100:1 1 500

ES35 CFD 1 EUR1 8956->8957 200:1 1 500

Dow Jones 30
DJ30 CFD 1 USD$1 12370 - > 12371 200:1 1 500

SP500 CFD 1 USD$1 1262.5 - > 1263.5 200:1 1 500

Nikkei 225
Nikkei225 CFD Asia 50 JPY50 3472 - > 3473 200:1 50 20000

China A50 Index
CHINA50 CFD 1 USD$1.00 12700 - > 12701 100:1 1 5

Hang Seng Index
HSI CFD 1 HKD$1.00 27000 - > 27001 100:1 1 500

Euro Stoxx 50 Index
EU50 CFD 1 EUR 1 3482->3483 100:1 1 500

Nasdaq 100 Index
NAS100 CFD 1 USD 1 5427->5428 $25 1 500

USD Index (Futures)
USDX CFD 1 USD 1 100.01->100.02 100:1 1 500

Volatility Index (Futures)
VIX CFD 1 USD 1 14.001->14.002 100:1 1 500

France 40
FRA40 CFD 1 USD 1 5192.8->5193.8 100:1 1 500

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